Safe Ride
The Secret of Control & Confidence
This is Disc Three of Ten in the Success Series DVD Set. Pat Parelli shares his savvy of preparing horses so they are calm,
confident and responsive... plus simple safety drills to help keep you safe.

Run time: 1 hour 37 minutes     € 33,00  incl. BTW

Natural Attraction
The Secret of Catching Horses
This is Disc Five of Ten in the Success Series DVD Set. Horses are designed by nature to not be caught! By understanding what attracts horses actually changes much more than a catching

problem. This DVD also covers leading with savvy.
Run time: 1 hour 4 minutes      
€ 33,00  incl. BTW

Beyond the Round Pen
The Seven Games at Liberty
This is Disc Six of Ten in the Success Series DVD Set. One of the most fun and fascinating things you can do with a horse is play with no strings attached, from having them stick with you all the way up to flying changes, spins, passage and more.

Run time: 1 hour 17 minutes      € 33,00  incl. BTW

Ride Out
Open Areas & Trails
This is Disc Eight of Ten in the Success Series DVD Set. Pat Parelli teaches you how to prepare your horse in advance for everything from grazing to spooking giving you new hope for a fun and relaxing ride.
Run time: 2 hours       € 33,00  incl. BTW
Calm Ride
Impulsion : Balancing Go and Whoa
This is Disc Eight of Ten in the Success Series DVD Set. 
Run time: 2 hours       € 33,00  incl. BTW
Natural Collection
The Finesse Formula
This is Disc Nine of Ten in the Success Series DVD Set. Learn the specific keys to collecting a horse which helps it all come about naturally, without force, and that collects him at every level: mentally, emotionally and physically.
Run time: 1 hour 21 minutes      
€ 33,00  incl. BTW

Natural Lead Changes
Discover the Lead Change Ladder
This is Disc Ten of Ten in the Success Series DVD Set. By focusing on the ingredients and knowing what to do first, second, third, etc. the Lead Change Ladder becomes a simple and effective way to teach even the most advanced flying changes.

Run time: 1 hour       € 33,00  incl. BTW

Liberty And Horse Behavior
This high powered course was based on an effective program taught at the Parelli Centers. It was produced for home study due to the overwhelming response. Liberty & Horse Behavior teaches

you one of the greatest skills a horseman can have, "being able to read horses." This course delves deep into the equine mind and teaches people to understand how to interact more effectively

thus gaining greater perceptions around how and why communication via the Seven Games works. This course teaches the skills of Liberty through excellent On Line preparation leading to very high levels of execution.   

€  350,00   incl. BTW
VERZENDKOSTEN Een pakket tot 30 kg.
Binnen Nederland    €   9,50
  incl. BTW
Naar België             € 11,50
  incl. BTW
Naar Duitsland        €  11,50
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Natural horsemanship is een natuurlijke benadering om je paard te trainen.

Natural horsemanship instructeur Humphrey Dirks.