Parelli touwhalster     € 25,50  incl. BTW
Mini/ foal            +/- 0.85 mtr. falabella
Pony/weanling     shetland, welsh
Arabian               1,30 mtr.
Regular               1,40 - 1,55 mtr.
Warmblood         1,60 - 1,80 mtr.
Draft                   Belgian - Clydesdale
                          large headed horses

Parelli Carrot Stick
Non-flex design gives you more feel, accuracy and options on the ground.  When riding, it teaches your horse about supporting reins. Features: leather loop; rubber handle for non-slip, comfortable grip; 4-feet in length. Savvy String not included.   

€ 26,50  incl. BTW

Parelli 6' Savvy String
Features 6-foot long, smooth, 1/4-inch, high quality yachting braid, looped end and latigo popper.   

€ 15,95  incl. BTW

Parelli 12-Foot Line
Our 12-foot Line is made from high quality yachting braid that is smooth, flexible and resistant to sweat. It has a sturdy swivel snap that prevents the rope from twisting and improves feel and features a latigo popper.

€ 39,50  incl. BTW 

Parelli 22-Foot Snap Line
Now you can get a 22' Line with the same snap featured on our 12' Line! It is the perfect tool for Level 2 skills, use two to create open-ended long reins (as taught in the Liberty & Horse Behavior Course), and use any time for a horse that needs more drift

€ 53,15  incl. BTW 

Parelli 45-Foot Line
The lay of this 3/8 inch diameter, nylon lariat is deliberately softened for horse handling. It has life, sensitivity, lightness and is fitted with a brass hondo for slip and release.
€ 85,00
  incl. BTW
Parelli Finesse Reins
Super snap-on reins made of the same high quality yachting braid as our ground skill lines and Horseman's Reins. The Finesse Reins are designed especially for a steadier feel and the material is perfect for the new 'Fluid Rein' technique.
€ 36,50  incl. BTW 

Parelli Black Bareback Pad
The Parelli Bareback Pad will prove invaluable to you as you develop an independent seat. With a medical felt under-pad and suede leather surface, the Bareback Pad is comfortable for you and your horse. It has a sturdy leather handle and D-rings with latigos to fit a western style cinch (cinch not included).

€ 250,00  incl. BTW


VERZENDKOSTEN Een pakket tot 30 kg.
Binnen Nederland    €   9,50
  incl. BTW
Naar België             € 11,50
  incl. BTW
Naar Duitsland        €  11,50
 incl. BTW

Natural horsemanship is een natuurlijke benadering om je paard te trainen.

Natural horsemanship instructeur Humphrey Dirks.